Google Search Results: Updates and Trends

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One of Google’s AI models taught itself Bengali without even trained

It can even translate all of the language with very few prompts. The skill the AI system developed on its own adds to the concerns about the need for more understanding of how AI systems learn and behave. 

Source: https://qz.com/google-ai-skills-sundar-pichai-bard-hallucinations-1850342984

Google’s search engine to get major revamp with Project Magi

A team of 160 engineers is working on upgrading its search engine with AI features, which include a chat-like interface.    

Source: https://neilpatel.com/blog/project-magi/

Google’s “scrollend” lets you detect that a scroll was complete

The new feature that tells you when visitors stop interacting with your page will help you identify the issues on your page and what you can do to fix them. This tool will help you get more signups and conversions and help you determine which audience to target for your ads.  



Continuous scroll now available on Google desktop search results 

Google launched the feature on mobile last October, and now they are gradually rolling it out on desktop. Users can now view more helpful search results in lesser clicks. 

Source: https://www.seroundtable.com/googlecontinuous-scroll-desktop-search-34523.html

Multimedia Makeover on the Way for Google Search Results

2022 October 14

The revamp will feature images and video results right into results and not in dedicated boxes or separate tabs.

Source: https://www.techradar.com/news/google-is-about-to-change-the-way-you-search

Google will roll out a new feature that will alert you of search results with your personal information

2022 October 14

The new opt-in feature launching early next year will help you quickly ask to remove personal information from the search results.      


2022 October 14

New features include:

  1. Find restaurants by dish
  2. Learn restaurant specialties
  3. Enhanced digital menus
  4. Upgraded Live View in Google Maps
  5. Photorealistic aerial views of landmarks
  6. Immersive view in Maps
  7. Neighborhood vibe feature

Source: https://www.searchenginejournal.com/google-announces-7-local-search-updates/466500/

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