Google: Hyphens in Domain Names are OK

John Mueller answered whether it’s OK to use a hyphenated domain name in a Google SEO office hours hangout. He stated that choosing such a domain is entirely acceptable. However, he also believes that keywords in domain names are overrated.

There is a notion that including keywords in the domain name will improve a site’s ranking. In the early days of SEO, the usage of keywords in domains had some value. Parked domains (keyword-rich domains with no content and solely advertisements) were permitted to appear in search results until Google change that in 2011.

Key takeaways:

  • A hyphenated domain name is an old-school strategy that fell out of popularity years ago due to the lack of ranking effect.
  • Hyphens make a domain name look tacky and spammy.
  • Google’s algorithm does not consider the presence or absence of a hyphen in a domain name.

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