Day 4: Filter Your List of Keywords and Key Phrases to Focus on What Matters Most

Assuming you already did the task on Day 3: Discover New Keywords to Generate More Traffic for Your Website — it is time for us to filter those keywords or key phrases.

Now that you have a massive list of new keywords or key phrases that you’ve just discovered, it is time to remove those that would not produce traffic or conversions.

In filtering, you want to have your metrics in place. To start with, here are 3 metrics to have in mind:

  • keyword difficulty
  • search volume
  • keyword length

Practice dictates that the keywords or key phrases having these criteria should be excluded from your list granting you are using SEOPowerSuite (Rank Tracker) as your SEO tool:

  • keyword difficulty is over 66 (remove even if keyword length is less than 6 words and search volume is more than 50)
  • search volume is below 50 (remove even if keyword length is less than 6 words and keyword difficulty less than 67)
  • keyword length is more than 5 words (do not remove if search volume is more than 50 and keyword difficulty is less than 67)

Note: I think the tutorial in SEOPowerSuite in filtering found keywords is a bit different. All criteria should be there to have the keyword or key phrases being excluded.

Considering on these 2 more criteria (optional) may help improve your choices:

  • Avoid the highest competition and
  • Select keywords with the best KEI.

Other SEO tools, like SEmRush, might have a nearly similar feature.

How long does it take to filter your list of keywords or key phrases?

It takes about 30 minutes if you are using an SEO tool, and perhaps about an hour or two if you are tracking it manually via the search engines.

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