7 Tips in Using Content Marketing for a Successful Product Launch

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Content Marketing is the way to go these days. Most marketers have shifted from traditional marketing techniques to Content Marketing, which is more effective and cost-friendly. Statistics show that Content Marketing methods convert six times more than other marketing methods and are 62% less cost. Neil Patel, a famous entrepreneur and bestselling author shared that a site with compelling and valuable content experiences 7.8 times more site traffic than competitors. Aside from these benefits, quality content produces brand recall and customer engagement.

While content marketing primarily attracts, engages, and retains an audience for your business, you can also use this marketing strategy for other purposes. For example, you can create content ideas for virtual events.

While creating content for your content marketing strategy, take assistance from an online article rewriter. This will help you to rewrite your previous content and make it more engaging to attract the audience of your business.

Content creation is also part of different forms of marketing, such as SEO, Social Media Marketing, Public Relations, and PPC. You may also explore using Content Marketing for a successful product launch. Many brands from different industries have tried this, and it has proven effective.

Here are some tips for applying Content Marketing to have a successful product launch.

1. Use visual content as teasers on social media.

Pictures, as they say, paint a thousand words. You may harness the power of images as a teaser ad in Instagram Shop and on other social media sites. Maximize the broad reach of social media- that’s 3.78 billion people worldwide this 2021.  

Visual content can help you entertain your audience and be curious about your new product. Be creative on how to tease your followers- you can upload a close-up picture of your product or the chosen product endorser. You may also design a teaser with a simple but strong image. Add a one-liner to summarize your Unique Selling Proposition or USP along with the launch date.

2. Create exciting infographics.

Plain text content can be tedious, especially for those not fond of reading. Instead, describe your product by designing infographics that can intrigue them while educating them about your product. Before the product launch, your infographics can be on how this new product can address your customers’ needs. You can also describe its unique features or upgrades compared to existing products in the market. Then, share it on your social media accounts and other online platforms. What’s good about infographics is that it is easy to design and can be easily shared by your target group. Truly a low-lying fruit because of the minimum effort you put in but with outstanding results it can give.

3. Let your audience create content.

You can always create content, but to take it to a higher level, you can also let your target customers and audience generate the content for you!

Another way to create buzz on your product launch is to have a game. Your followers can create a video or any medium they want. Let them follow your social media accounts and put your brand and product hashtag. You may also add most post shares or most likes as a mechanic to win. You may even create a poll or voting scheme for the best content to engage your followers further. Then, reward the winner of the best content with the new product or some of your brand merchandise.

4. Captivate by using explainer videos.

Once you have launched your product, make sure to have explainer videos available to explain and talk about the features and benefits of your product. This content option is suited if your product is complex to explain, which will not do you justice if you just use infographics or plain text.

Captivate your audience with an explainer video. Share high-quality information on it and why this product is worth their hard-earned money. You can also highlight the value and upgrade of the product to differentiate it from previous versions of the product or its competitors. If you want, you may create a storyline and appeal to emotions to push your product, especially if the new product is not that hard to explain.

Upload your video on your website, social media accounts, and YouTube.

5. Distribute your content through guest posts.

Content Marketing works closely with SEO marketing. Maximize these omnichannel ways by distributing your content through guest posts. Create blogs and links to different sites which are related to your brand or product. Make sure that the sites you choose to guest post or link to are high-authority and reputable websites. You can insert your other content too in your guest post blog, like infographics and videos, to maximize the reach.

6. Get help from influencers.

Do not just be the one to create content and aim for engagement. Add a refreshing take and make use of other people too! Get the help of influencers like celebrities, famous bloggers, or authorities in a chosen field to create content to help you have a successful product launch. Give your influencers your new product before it becomes available in the market so that they can post on it and give a review. Then, feature their review and content on your website, product page, or social media accounts. You may even feature your influencer in the explainer video for it to become more attractive to your target group.

7. Plot an editorial content calendar.

Lastly, with all the content you can create, plotting an editorial calendar can help you schedule the release of all content. Coming up with a calendar will ensure that your audience does not get bombarded with all that you are sharing. Timing is everything, and you would want it to be in your favor.


Having a successful product launch is a great way to attract customers and gain sales. As a marketing professional, utilize compelling content to guarantee that your product launch will be a hit.