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The effectiveness of marketing channels is shifting towards video content, and for most businesses, lack of it means almost certain demise. It can feel overwhelming for those marketers who never engaged in it, but there are many free resources available that will get you started. Defining your targets and goals is the first step, and in that sense, video marketing is not different from other campaigns. In other words, you need to define the place your video marketing should have in the sales funnel. That will largely determine the content and the budget you need.

Key Takeaways:

  • Video marketing is now so widespread that it’s a must-have skill for all marketers. But it hasn’t been that way for long.
  • Today, it’s possible to make a studio-quality video online in under 15 minutes, without creative skills or a large budget.
  • Video not only helps your site rank better, but it also gives you more exposure in results due to the size and contrasting nature of video previews.

“If you’re new to video marketing, start at the beginning and work your way through to the end. If you’re here to hone your skills, pick and choose the sections that are right for you.”

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