Video Marketing: Convert Your Articles into Videos

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YouTube is now the second largest search engine; and video marketing is not stepping on the breaks. Video marketing is on the rise and here to stay.

Video marketing is said to improve your SEO and a higher user engagement.

Do you want to add a video on your existing articles and blogposts?  We can help you.

You simply have to do the following:

  1. Subscribe to a video marketing package.
  2. Wait for an email confirmation and a login access to our membership site.
  3. Send us your article(s) or post(s) that is 300-700 words through the membership site.
  4. Send us a picture or video clip to use through the membership site (optional).
  5. We will create a video based on your article or post.
  6. Cancel anytime.
  7. Once video is approved, you can no longer request for edit/change.  We don’t give refund.

Video Marketing Packages

Subscribing means that you agree to the terms of service.  Note that we reserve the right to edit/change the terms of service.

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