How to Verify Your Shopify Site in Google Search Console

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Google will find and index pages on your site if you verify your domain on Google Search Console. This means your online store’s product reach will be enlarged, as well as its traffic potential. 

You might have tried verifying your Shopify site using Google analytics in your Google Search Console. And you probably encountered this: The Google Analytics tracking code on your site looks malformed

Don’t be alarmed. Somehow Google analytics verification can’t work with Shopify (at this point). The tracking code is malformed in the page source.

Instead of forcing your way, try the META tag verification. 

In the Search Console, select the HTML tag in the verify ownership window. Then, copy the entire HTML tag to your clipboard, make sure everything is copied. Afterwhich,  you’ll need to add the meta tag to the Shopify store theme code.

You can read the detailed steps from this article from Shopify.

Note that even if you can’t use Google Analytics to verify your site, you still need to paste your tracking code on your Shopify site. It would be best if you still track your site’s metrics (analytics). Check your site’s Google analytics after a day or two to see if the tracking code is functioning properly.

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