Google Topics API

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Google’s Topics Api Has Prompted a Variety of Responses

Earlier this week, Google launched the Topics API, its newest ad targeting idea to replace third-party cookies. While marketing and ad tech platforms and advertisers try to make sense of the new concept, Federated Learning of Cohorts is dead in the water.

According to Aaron Levy, head of paid search at Tinuiti, the topics are more likely to be accepted by the broader ecosystem because they directly address many FLoC privacy concerns. He went on to say that while it’s strange to call this an advantage, he considers anything that debuts with a higher possibility of stability and fewer mass opt-outs again.

Key takeaways:

  • According to its GitHub page, the Topics API’s initial design comprises 350 topics. Advertisers are worried that this volume will not be enough to enable appropriate targeting.
  • Aside from the potentially limited topics, marketers may be concerned about the short term, as they are used to much more consistent audience inclusion than one to three weeks.
  • Although Chrome may be the sole browser to adopt, some may not be concerned. Suppose Chrome captures a large enough share of the browser market. In that case, Google may continue with the Topics API without negotiating with its competitors.

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