Review of ProfitSuite (serapisnow.com)

Here at BrodNeil.com, we spend a few of our resources testing new products/services.

We’ve decided to test ProfitSuite since we hardly see any real review in the Internet. Most of the reviews we read seem to be submissions or at least a spun copy of a marketing review coming from a similar source.

What is ProfitSuite?

The vision is pretty good, or at least the sales pitch.

Get ALL for a LOW, one-time price for the following:

  • Unlimited cloud hosting,
  • File Storage
  • Webinars,
  • Autoresponder,
  • Funnel Building, and
  • Graphic Design.

Again, the vision is really great. Imagine getting all those features similar to that of:

  • HostGator Hosting
  • Photoshop Editor
  • Zoom Webinars
  • Aweber Autoresponder
  • ClickFunnels Funnel Builder
  • DropBox Cloud Storage

And so, we paid the enterprise package to really test if ProfitSuite will meet the following criteria:

  • Delivery of the products and bonuses as promised,
  • After-sale support, and
  • Money-back guarantee.

Where the products and bonuses delivered as promised?

The short answer is a Yes and a No.

  • Unlimited cloud hosting,
  • File Storage
  • Webinars,
  • Autoresponder,
  • Funnel Building, and
  • Graphic Design.

Yes, we did get the enterprise access as expected. Yet, one might need to set them up before you can actually use them.

It also took us time to get the promised bonuses. We had to make a bit of follow up to their support to get the bonuses. We did not get the pro license key for the bonus products. It was not clear on their sales page.

The response time was a bit poor and our concerns were also not answered directly. Either we were not clear on our concerns or the support might not have really got what we asked for.

We were able to access the file storage, webinar, and graphic design features. We were not able to test the unlimited cloud hosting, autoresponder, and funnel building because they were not that easy to set up especially for non-technical persons. Using MediaServe, ActiveCampaign, and Befunky would have been a lot easier.

One of the benefits of getting an enterprise package is that you get to have free access to all of their future products. This can be pretty amazing if the seller/provider can really deliver the existing products/services with excellent support.


One of the bonuses is called ContentPress.

What we did was to check out ContentPress’ landing page and contact the guy there regarding our purchase with ProfitSuite (IMX and the enterprise package). We are not sure if he was directly affiliated with the ProfitSuite though. Immediately the guy, Luan Henrique, gave me the license key.

Is the after-sale support any good?

Personally, the quality of support sends signals to the buyer if the seller would be considered shady or not.

The response time takes 3-7 days. Absolutely, not the support we need for cloud hosting.

Some of what we considered straightforward questions, we’re not answered directly.

And lastly, when we tried to ask for a refund, that is when the support replied to assist. Perhaps, it was coincidence. 🙂

Instead of pushing through with the refund, we gave them some more try. Therefore, we did not cancel through Paypal.

We’ve been busy during the holidays and so we we left them some tickets or questions.

When we came back 4 days ago to check on our unresolved tickets, all our tickets are gone.

We sent them a new ticket regarding the matter, and we still never get a reply.

Is the 30-day money-back guarantee for real?

No, we did not get our money back.

What is our recommendation?

Unless, we would receive a communication from ProfitSuite explaining what happened. We could not recommend them.

We understand the challenges of running a business, and we don’t expect them to deliver 100% of our expectations. We only hope that we get some answers and explanations.

ProfitSuite landing page screenshot

profitsuite landing page screenshot

2 thoughts on “Review of ProfitSuite (serapisnow.com)”

  1. Your review is right on! I opted into their offer last December (2020) but didn’t need it till maybe a month ago. I went through the videos, straight-forward but had trouble with Calin’s accent. Support, after at least 24 hours, suggested I use closed captioning which I did with good results.
    I started with the SSL certificate as outlined in the video. It looked like a fairly simple thing to do but to make a very long story short, after a lot of time, effort and anguish, someone figured out that I had a third nameserver showing against my domain. Most likely I didn’t delete it properly weeks back and it may have caused some of the issues? I fixed that.
    I got to the point where they said my SSL certif was installed after I contacted them with the fact that it wasn’t redirecting where they said it should in the training video. The instructions were wrong. Then when I tried to go to my site, I got error and warning messages. Between yesterday and today, that issue seems to have been corrected. I can now log into my dashboard. The https even seems to be ok.
    Support has been, for the most part, ok although extremely slow in responding. When you’re needing answers to problems with your website, you don’t want to wait days for help as I have. This website is very important for me and I’m at the point where I question the prudence of simply opting out and going back to Hostgator vs staying and seeing if I’ve helped them iron out a bunch of their system’s wrinkles.
    Another downside are the numerous emails I get from the 3 owners of the hosting company with offers of their own and other programs and systems. They do have a great product in ProfitSuite, everything included for ($70 CDN, my price), if they choose to concentrate on making it the best it can be.

  2. Wow, I thought I was the only one! I purchased this, maybe naive, maybe green to this whole marketing universe…..but I’ve already had 3 tickets in 3 weeks and all I get is “please bear with us” There is NO way a business can function with a non-working website for 3 days! I keep creating my WordPress site and it keeps getting deleted. Ugh. Amazing concept, but I guess it was too good to be true.


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