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Press This « WordPress Codex.

The “Press This” function allows quick publishing with a special web browser bookmarklet. You can create a post by quoting some text, images, and videos on any web page.


  1. After installing the plugin, go to the Tools submenu. You can then drag the Press This bookmarklet to your browser toolbar or use the Open Press This direct link to add to a mobile device menu.
  2. While browsing, select some text (optional) and click the bookmarklet in your browser’s favorite (bookmark).
  3. Edit the content in the invoked pop-up window.
  4. Save, preview, or publish the post.

Making the Press This work with NoScript and RequestPolicy

WordPress 4.2 shipped with a new Press This bookmarklet. Unlike the previous bookmarklet, this new one will not play nicely with NoScript and RequestPolicy (which are security add-ons for Firefox and most modern browsers) out of the box. Here are the steps to get the bookmarklet working with one or both add-ons installed:

  1. Whitelist the domain of the WordPress site in NoScript if this hasn’t been done already (click on the S icon and choose Allow mydomain.com, where mydomain.com is your WordPress site’s domain).
  2. Open the NoScript preferences by clicking on the S icon again and choosing Options
  3. Click on the Advanced tab. A set of sub-tabs will appear. Click on XSS.
  4. In the box that says Anti-XSS Protection Exemptions, add the following (change mydomain.com to your domain):^https://mydomain.com/ptw/wp-admin/press-this.php(?:\?|/\1\b)
  5. Note in the example above the HTTPS prefix is in use. You’ll want to change this to regular old HTTP (no s) if you don’t have secure hosting set up for your site.
  6. Click Okay to exit NoScript’s options.
  7. Now, if you have RequestPolicy, open its preferences by clicking on RP’s red/gray flag icon. Choose Preferences and click on the Whitelist tab.
  8. Under the Whitelist tab, click the Destinations sub-tab.
  9. In the whitebox at the bottom which contains the placeholder Destination, type in your site’s domain. Do not enter a prefix like http or https. It isn’t necessary to put “www.” in either. Click Allow. You should see your domain appear in the larger box above.
  10. Close RequestPolicy preferences. The new Press This bookmarklet should now function correctly, and you’ll be able to continue benefiting from the protections that NoScript and RequestPolicy offer.
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