Top 10 Package and Parcel Tracking Software

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In the world of e-commerce where everything is available at the tips of your hands, concerns about their safe and sound deliveries seem daunting. However, there are multiple parcel tracking software in the market that not only help you track your package but offer a wide range of various services and features that make your shipment experience exceptional. 

Consequently, whether you are looking for a tracker to keep records of your orders or waiting for your parcel, our top 10 parcels and package tracking software will make your life easy. Thus, you can always stay ahead of the competition and have peace of mind. So, let’s dig in….

Criteria for Evaluating Package and Parcel Tracking Software

Before digging into various tracking software let’s quickly go through essential factors that you need to consider for choosing a great parcel tracking. 

Real-time tracking: One element of tracking software is real time parcel monitoring. Using it, firms, companies and customers can easily monitor their shipment progress at any time, diminishing ambiguity and giving the consumer a better experience.

Cost considerations: When choosing tracking software, you need to think of an ideal solution that must be cost-effective and address the specific requirements and affordability of your particular business.

User-friendly interface: To adopt any software in the first place, an ideal tracking tool ought to have a straightforward user interface, essential for smooth running. This will ensure the software is effective as it has various intuitive dashboard options, which are simple in navigation leading you quickly to accessing and interpreting tracking data.

Reporting and analytics: The tracking tool’s reporting and analytics will reveal a bundle of information that businesses can tap into to enhance understanding of their logistics operations which is a vital consideration for every business. They can take a Data-Driven approach to making decisions, optimizing routes and identifying inefficiencies or problematic areas.

Integration capabilities: The second important factor to consider when choosing tracking software is whether it is compatible with multiple systems and platforms. Logistics management will be effective only with the help of widespread connectivity. With this in mind, parcel tracking software should integrate perfectly well into the respective systems like inventory management and order processing to facilitate ease of operation.

User reviews and ratings: Real life situations of regular followers are more informative on whether or not a certain tracking application is effective. Hence, user reviews and rating evaluations will enable you to assess the software’s viability, dependability, performance, and customer fulfilment.

Scalability: Logistics needs to change as companies grow. The scalability of tracking software allows for an increase in shipment as well as a complex logistical process. This translates into assurance of growth for businesses regardless of size.

Highly Efficient Top 10 Package and Parcel Tracking Software

1. www.aftership.com

Parcel tracking software allows real-time package tracking, barcode scanning, and delivery notifications for efficient logistics operations.

It eliminates the hassle of tracking multiple shipments manually which makes it so much easier to monitor them all in one place. Furthermore, this software sends notifications when packages are available for collection or delivery, making things really convenient. In addition, the interface is straightforward enough for anyone to use. 

Their customer service is top-notch, they answer queries swiftly and are often accompanied by helpful advice on how you can make your shipping process smoother. This comprehensive package tracking tool comes at quite an affordable price tag which makes it a great option, especially for small businesses that don’t wish to spend too much of their money on trackers.

2. www.clickpost.ai

ClickPost serves approximately fifteen million clientele and earned close to two point four million dollars as revenues. This software allows you to monitor different types of shipments from different carriers. After dispatching it, the software is able to follow each step in your shipment’s path up until the point of delivery. 

It also provides real-time feedback on delivery statuses. Using its user-friendly interface, customers can conveniently track parcels online as Clickpost sends them automatic notifications about any change in cost or delivery information for any parcel being shipped across.

3. trackmypackage.net

Known for its simplicity and efficiency, Track My Package provides a straightforward interface design coupled with efficient tracking capabilities. Its seamless integration with various platforms ensures a smooth tracking experience for online retailers, attracting businesses seeking a hassle-free tracking solution. 

It also helps you track packages and parcels from couriers like DHL, FedEx, BlueDart, Shiprocket and many more. With its quick and easy-to-assess options, all you have to do is enter your courier ID and it will instantly provide you with real-time information about your parcel and its shipment status. Moreover, it’s completely free and you don’t have to pay a penny to keep track of your orders, parcels, and packages. 

4. www.shipstation.com

ShipStation is an online shipping and tracking platform that’s designed to reduce the complexity of sending and tracking parcels and make the process of sending and tracking packages a lot easier. It has plenty to offer, from features that let you manage orders and customize labels, to getting discounted rates for your shipments as well as real-time tracking. Apart from these, there are tools such as automation rules that grant you greater command on your shipment processes and simplify tracking.

5. www.shippypro.com

ShippyPro another package and parcel tracking software makes it easier than ever before to keep track of, ship and deliver items. You’ll get access to loads of different shipping carriers such as UPS, FedEx, DHL and the list goes on. 

Plus there are extra features like delivery tracking with SMS notifications for updates on where your item is in transit; real-time rate calculators so you know how much it will cost even when sending abroad; and international address verification services. But the most impressive thing about ShippyPro is its analytics interface which is perfect if you’re looking to get more insights about your parcel’s shipment. 

6. www.parceltrack.de

It’s also considered a top 10 in package and parcel tracking software list. This platform is cloud-based which provides monitoring on a real time basis and enables you to monitor your shipment from various geographical locations worldwide. With just a few clicks, you can track your package on ParcelTrack from the starting point to its delivery at your door. This unique tool provides all information about your order including delivery time or if there are any kind of exception or delay.

7. www.easypost.com

EasyPost software allows you to check on packages or parcels that are being sent from one point to another in real-time. With this useful tool, you can keep track of orders, work out rates with different carriers, make labels with barcodes included, give customers the ability to follow their shipments as they go along, create returns manifests for when things don’t go according to plan and even schedule pickups with particular couriers. The pricing model of EasyPost also looks great as there are no set-up fees or monthly payments, customers only pay out for actually making a shipment. 

8. www.orderhive.com

OrderHive is one of the top 10 parcel tracking software that helps businesses to become more organized with their shipping, deliveries and orders. With OrderHive you can save your firm time and money by automating order management tasks like keeping an eye on inventory levels as well as shipments. 

You will have access to up-to-the-minute data regarding parcels and packages which provides a lightning-quick overview of how things are going in your operations. With OrderHive you can easily keep tabs on your shipments, improving customer service and giving customers better delivery estimates. You could even set up automated notifications for when packages are out for delivery or en route. 

9. www.17track.net

When you want to be free from thoughts like whether your packages are taken care of or not, the tracking software is a great option. 17TRACK helps you monitor your parcels all over the world effortlessly and rapidly. This platform gives an insight into precisely where your delivery has reached starting from its origin right through to its intended destination. 

Similar to the above-mentioned tracking systems, 17 TRACK brings visibility in transit times, estimated arrival dates as well as notifications if ever there’s a delay or disruption along the way. The user interface is simple so you can even view details about each item included within one shipment. 

10. parcellab.com

ParcelLab promises real-time tracking, email and SMS notifications as well as analytics so you can keep track of your orders without any hassle. It integrates seamlessly with popular eCommerce platforms such as Shopify, Magento & WooCommerce making the transition smooth. Plus, Parcel Lab’s user-friendly interface coupled with detailed reporting tools offers a comprehensive delivery performance overview at a glance. To top it off, its competitive pricing architecture makes it one of the most cost-effective package and parcel monitoring software. 


In the dynamic landscape of logistics and e-commerce, effective Package and Parcel Tracking Software play a pivotal role in ensuring streamlined operations, customer satisfaction, and overall business success. 

The top 10 solutions highlighted in this article cater to diverse needs, combining real-time tracking, user-friendly interfaces, and integration capabilities to empower businesses in their journey towards efficient and transparent logistics management. As technology continues to advance, these software solutions will likely evolve, providing even more sophisticated tools to meet the ever-growing demands of the global supply chain.

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