Need for Electronic Security Systems for Small Business

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Is your business booming lately? That might not be for long. When people discover that you’re making a lot of money, you’ll be attracting some unwanted attention too. It might be time to take a look at your security measures.

Here are a few reasons why you should invest in your business’s electronic security system.

Prevents Robberies and Provides Evidence

Estimates say that there are around 2.5 million burglary cases each year. More than 65 percent of those are home thefts. That means the remaining 35 include business robberies. That’s about 875,000. Yours could potentially be one of them.

You can significantly lower your business’s risk of getting robbed with the presence of even just an alarm system or CCTVs. You can boost that even further by installing an access control system, whether it be number pads or biometrics. 3 out of 5 burglars won’t bother trying to steal from a business if they see that a security system has been installed.

And in case your business does get robbed, it’ll be easier for law enforcement to track the criminals down if you can give them video footage from the security cameras. You’ll also have a more accurate account of what’s been stolen from your establishment or if your employees have been hurt in the incident.

Documents Employee-Customer Interactions

Security systems can help you observe how your employees interact with customers and vice versa. This can be helpful if ever an issue escalates since you have proof on which party is at fault. While protecting your employees is important, surveillance footage provides you with an opportunity to improve how your business does customer service.

Discourages Employees from Committing Crime

Did you know that workplace crimes have cost US businesses around $50 billion every year? Even just the small act of skimming cash from the register can lose your business hundreds if not thousands of dollars in the long run.

It’s always nice to have employees that you can trust. However, though they might help deter people from stealing from your business, some of your staff may be thieves themselves too. If you feel that something’s amiss in the workplace, you can simply review previous footages or see if there are any discrepancies in the attendance monitoring system logs.

Tracks Company Assets

If your business has a small fleet of service vehicles, using dash cams and GPS tracker system can help you monitor their location and activities during work hours. You’ll also be able to track down ones that are lost or stolen.

GPS can also boost your business’s efficiency too. It can assist your company’s drivers to find alternate routes and reach their destination much faster, saving you precious time.

Lowers Your Insurance Rate

Another bonus of installing a security system for your business is that you can save money on insurance. You can’t ask for a safety discount on your insurance premiums if you don’t have a decent security system. This is because your business will be considered a high-risk one.

Of course, there are other factors that contribute to your chances of getting insurance discounts. Aside from a security system, you’ll have a better shot if your establishment is located in a decent area, is clean, and doesn’t pose any safety hazards to employees and customers.

Having your own electronic security system is an important matter no matter how small your business may be. It assures customers that your business is a safe one, and your employees will feel more secure at work. If you’d like tailor-made solutions for your company, always feel free to get in touch with a certified local security system provider.

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