How To Transfer a Google Doc to a User with a Different Domain

Google does not allow the transfer of ownership of your Google doc, Google sheet, or Google form to a user with a different domain.

Example: [email protected] cannot transfer ownership to [email protected] because and are two different domains.

Here is a workaround and hopefully it will still be working by the time you are reading this post:

  1. Share your file (Google doc, Google sheet, or Google form) to the intended user with Edit capabilities or as Editor.

    Ex. [email protected] shares a file called file1 to [email protected]

  2. Ask that user to copy the file you shared in Google drive as a different file.

    Ex. [email protected] opens Google Drive and copies file1. And thus you will have two copies after, file1 and copy of file1, in Google drive after.

  3. Rename the copied file (optional)

    Ex. copy of file1 is renamed to file2.

  4. Open file2 and check the ownership under settings.

    Ex. Owner of file1 is [email protected], but the owner of the copied file, file2, is [email protected]

  5. You can share the new (copied) file to the previous owner if you still want to give that user an editing or viewing access(optional)

    Ex. Share file2 to the previous owner, [email protected]

The outcome would then be:

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