Four (4) Key B2b Trends in Telecommunication Sector

The latest industry research from LinkedIn uncovers the four (4) key B2B trends upending the Telecommunications sector right now. In addition, it spotlights what decision-makers see as their most pressing business needs. It also outlines prescriptive recommendations to help marketers succeed today—and tomorrow—in telco.

#1 Trend: 5G Network Technology

Many questions persist about what 5G means for productivity and the future of business

5G linkedin

#2 Trend: Remote Work and Collaboration 

A rapid transition to remote work prompts businesses to adopt long-term solutions for productivity among a permanently distributed workforce. 

#3 Trend: SD-WAN

Unanswered questions about SD-WAN costs and complexities blowup the need for more unified and accessible systems

#4 Trend: Cybersecurity 

The rapid migration to remote work means info-security is more critical than ever before. 

Source: https://www.linkedin.com/business/marketing/blog/tech/4-key-trends-upending-telecommunications-and-what-marketers-can-do-to-keep-up

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