Four (4) Key B2b Trends in Telecommunication Sector

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The latest industry research from LinkedIn uncovers the four (4) key B2B trends upending the Telecommunications sector right now. In addition, it spotlights what decision-makers see as their most pressing business needs. It also outlines prescriptive recommendations to help marketers succeed today—and tomorrow—in telco.

#1 Trend: 5G Network Technology

Many questions persist about what 5G means for productivity and the future of business

5G linkedin

#2 Trend: Remote Work and Collaboration 

A rapid transition to remote work prompts businesses to adopt long-term solutions for productivity among a permanently distributed workforce. 

#3 Trend: SD-WAN

Unanswered questions about SD-WAN costs and complexities blowup the need for more unified and accessible systems

#4 Trend: Cybersecurity 

The rapid migration to remote work means info-security is more critical than ever before. 

Source: https://www.linkedin.com/business/marketing/blog/tech/4-key-trends-upending-telecommunications-and-what-marketers-can-do-to-keep-up

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