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4 Critical Dos and Don’ts of Web Content Writing and Editing

The world of the web can be very promising. In fact, it is the perfect platform for every brand to easily market, sell, and engage with their audience. However, with its great power should come great responsibility. Anyone who posts anything online are held accountable for their every action. And as a content marketer, you better use your influence right.


Check out these critical dos and don’ts that you must remember:


  1. Be boring
  2. Beat around the bush
  3. Plagiarize
  4. Produce content without proofreading


  1. Be clear
  2. Avoid unnecessary points
  3. Experiment with different content ideas
  4. Research well

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Page Title Writing Best Practices

Google’s New Page Title Writing Best Practices

Google revised its recommended practices for writing page titles, including avoiding substituting your titles in search results.

In August, Google altered how page titles are created in search results.

Google has released an upgrade that would replace some page names in SERPs with more “readable and accessible,” affecting less than 20% of page titles. Though it’s feasible that number will drop even further if websites begin to implement Google’s new recommendations.

Google’s best practices for creating titles are as follows:

  • Ensure that each page on your site has its unique title in the <title> element.
  • Make each page’s title distinctive and avoid using boilerplate content.
  • Keep titles short and avoid text that is too long.
  • For the main page, use meaningful titles instead of ambiguous words like “Home.”
  • Don’t repeat material in titles to stuff them with keywords.
  • When it’s acceptable, include the name of your website at the front of your titles. The home page, for example, might be an excellent place to start. It isn’t required on every page.

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