Audioenhancer.ai: The Best Way to Enhance Your Voice Recordings

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Poor voice recordings are hard to understand, and the audience quickly loses interest in them. So, podcasters, videographers, musicians, etc., use audio enhancers to increase the quality of audio or voice recordings.

The internet has multiple audio enhancers, but not every tool offers top-class audio enhancement. Thus we have tested many tools and found the best one out there.

Audioenhancer.ai is the best tool to enhance your voice recordings. Today we will review the tool and ensure we provide all necessary details.

So, let’s get started!!

What is an Audio Enhancer?

An audio enhancer is a specialized tool that improves the quality of audio and voice recordings. It works by enhancing the main speech or sound and diminishing the presence of background sounds and noise. This enhances the overall quality of the voice recordings.

How does Audioenhancer.ai Work?

AudioEnhancer.ai Voice Recordings

Audioenhancer.ai is an AI tool developed using machine learning technology. Incorporating AI technology allows the tool to distinguish between speech sounds and noises. The tool effectively enhances the speech sounds and discourse; and diminishes the noises, background sounds, buzzing, etc.

The user just has to upload the audio file, choose the enhancement option, and enhance the audio. It is very simple to use, but we will get back to it later in this article.

Characteristics of Audioenhancer.ai

Talking about characteristics, this tool offers plenty that make it the number one audio enhancer. Let’s discuss the highlighting characteristics below:

1.  Quality Enhancer

This audio enhancer improves the quality of the voice recordings. It is done by enhancing the speech sounds and lyrics of the song or discourse. These features make the audio audible and understandable.

2.  Noise Remover

This audio enhancer is an excellent noise remover. It distinguishes between the speech sound and the noise and explicitly removes it from the audio. There are four types of noises (continuous noise, intermittent noise, impulsive noise, and low-frequency noise); the tool efficiently gets rid of all these noises and enhances the audio.

3.  Speech Cleaner

This amazing audio enhancer also enhances the speech or discourse. The speaker’s words are made clearer and easy to understand. This tool is best for enhancing the clarity and comprehensibility of human speech.

4.  Speech Amplifier

This characteristic allows the audio enhancer to amplify the speech sounds to enhance the clarity and audibility of the voice recording.

5.  Music Enhancer

The AI technology can distinguish between background noises and musical notes. This allows the tool to eliminate noises in the songs and musical audios and enhance the musical notes for melodic effect.

6.  Frequency Controller

The frequency controller fixes your audio’s frequency and brings it to the audible range. The audible frequency range is 20 Hz to 20,000 Hz. It brings the frequency of the speech sounds within this range and makes them audible.

7.  Loudness and Pitch

This audio enhancer also fixes the loudness and pitch of speech sounds. Soft speech sounds are amplified to make them louder and clearer. Likewise, pitch enhancement enhances speech sound’s clarity and audibility.

8.  Free of Cost

The best thing about this audio enhancer is that it is cost-free. It is 100% free and provides as good results as a premium tool.

How to use Audioenhancer.ai?

Audioenhancer.ai is very simple to use, enhancing the audio in just a few seconds. Here are the steps:

1.  Record your Audio

Record the audio as you always do, don’t worry about noises, background, and hindrance in the speech sounds because it will be fixed by the audio enhancer. Simply record the audio as you always do.

2.  Upload the Audio

Open the audioenhancer.ai and upload the audio. You will see a dialogue box with an “Add File” button. Click on it and upload the audio file from your PC or laptop. The audio file should not be larger than 50 MB and no more than 5 minutes in duration.

upload media

3.  Choose Enhancement Type

Once the file is uploaded, choose the enhancement type. There are 4 enhancement options depending on the enhancement needs:

  •   Improve the quality – it helps to improve the quality of the speech sounds to make them audible and comprehensible.
  •  Remove the background noise – background noises like buzzing, bangs, continuous air sound, etc. are annoying which this audio enhancer can effectively remove.
  •  Clean up the speech – speech sounds are cleaned and clarified to enhance hearability.
  •   Fix the loudness and levels – increase or decrease the loudness, pitch, or frequency as you like.
Select enhancement type

Choose one of these audio enhancement options according to your enhancement needs.

4.  Choose Content-Type

Then choose the type of content you will use the audio for. These steps will inform the AI tool which type of enhancement is required for your voice recording.

There are 9 options:

  •  Mobile video
  •  Podcast
  • Educational video
  •  Lecture/conference
  • Interview/meeting
  • Voice recording
  • Professional audio
  •  Professional video
  •  Other
Select enhancement type - interviewing/meeting

Choose one of these options and move to the next step.

5.  Enhance Video and Download:

Click on the “enhance” button to start the enhancement. It will take some seconds, less than a minute. The processing can be tracked through the processing bar.

Once the processing is completed, click the play button to listen to the enhanced audio. Then click on three vertical dots and hit the download button. The file will be downloaded to your computer.

Processing done

Easy peasy lemon squeezy 🙂

Is it the Best Audio Enhancer?

YES!! It is the best audio enhancer on the internet. Here is why.

It is a professional audio enhancer with advanced AI technology that understands and distinguishes speech sounds and noise sounds. It can enhance the speech sounds in the audio and diminish the unnecessary background sounds and noise. 

It can also enhance the musical notes in the lyrics and remove background noises. Thus, it can not only enhance the discourse audio but also the musical audio. It is free of cost and doesn’t require any subscription; thus, it is the best audio enhancer on the World Wide Web. 

What else do you want to know about AI?

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