Apple Now Allows App Developers to Contact Customers about Other Payment Methods

Last Updated on November 3, 2021 by Josh

Apple released a new set of App Store Guidelines, with three significant revisions. One of the adjustments is the outcome of a previously disclosed settlement deal with a group of app developers from the United States.

Apple first said in August that it had struck a provisional deal with a group of American software developers in a class-action lawsuit filed against it in 2019. The agreement included several conditions, the most important of which allowed developers to advise their customers about paying for transactions made outside of their iOS app and the App Store. 

Key takeaways:

  • Apple removed a provision from guideline 3.1.3 that said developers could not utilize information gathered within their app to target individual users outside of the app for payment methods other than Apple’s in-app purchases.
  • Its new guidelines specify that developers can inform their clients about alternative payment options outside of their app.
  • Another new rule specifies that apps may ask for customer information such as name and email. Still, the request must be voluntary and should not hinder the user from using the app.

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