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The Google November Spam Update Has Been Completed and Is Now Being Rolled Out

Google has confirmed that an algorithm update aimed at combating spam has completed its rollout to search results.

In a tweet, Google certifies that the spam upgrade has completed its rollout in search results worldwide. Though Google periodically rolls out spam upgrades to preserve the quality of its search results, they did not give the exact details of the update.

This year, Google has already released three spam patches. This is the fourth Google algorithm upgrade this calendar year that has targeted spam.

Google maintains a tight definition of spam, mostly low-quality websites that deceive people into submitting personal information or installing malware.

Key takeaways:

  • Google’s automatic systems now maintain more than 99 percent of visits from search results free of spam thanks to these upgrades.
  • Concerning these spam updates, websites that follow Google’s webmaster guidelines should be unaffected.
  • Check your site’s security and seek evidence of a probable attack if your rankings drop suddenly after this month’s spam update.

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Google: Link Spam Update Is Complete

The Google Link Spam update was completed on August 24. However, according to Google Search Central, the update took a total of four weeks to be accomplished, two weeks longer than projected.

The announcement, posted on Twitter by the Google Search Central account, was found beneath a not-so-subtle reminder that the update had begun rolling out on July 26.

Key takeaways:

  • SEOs use their search term tracking tools and Google Analytics to evaluate the possible influence on their websites every time a new update is released.
  • The original post was meant to remind the necessity of using qualified affiliate links, guest blogs, and social postings as monetization methods.
  • Some will welcome these updates that immediately address those concerns. Still, those who actively participate in spammy backlink building will not.

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