VPS: Virtual Private Server

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In the Internet, VPS can stand for virtual private server.

What is it?

A VPS is a specific container on a dedicated server.

What are its benefits?

  • Affordable compared to a dedicated server.  Dedicated servers are great; yet it might be too pricey for a need you have in mind. So why pay more when getting a VPS is all you need?
  • You usually get a root access with your VPS, which entails more functionality and full control over it – like choosing what applications to run on your server.
  • More Secure and Safe as the container is solely at your own disposal.
  • Far better than a shared hosting environment.
  • White label your control panel for your clients.
  • Access the control panel of your server remotely.


There are many companies offering VPS.  In my experience, I highly recommend ServInt. Its great customer support and service is very solid – a company you should partner with when it comes to VPS.

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