Customer-First Marketing Guide

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What is customer-first marketing?

Put the customer first by beginning your strategy with customer needs and desires instead of a conversion objective, product feature, website layout.

In this practice, it is not only about exploring how to increase the number of customers who take action but also about the very nature of that action itself. 

It is about choosing conversion goals in the customers’ best interests and providing value at every interaction. It may mean sacrificing short-term goals like quarterly sales for ultimate long-term gain.

As a result, customers may perceive that you or your business is acting in their best interests and nurturing a much better relationship with them. Therefore, they view you and your business as a preferred option.

Steps to customer-first marketing:

  1.  Determine the ideal customer’s needs in general (whether your brand sells it or not).
  2.  Determine what your ideal customer needs specifically from your service or product.
  3.  Focus your marketing on a customer-first objective.
  4.  Find the most straightforward, least obtrusive way to communicate the offer for your product.

According to Daniel Burstein, who writes at marketingsherpa.com, putting the customer first is the highest of the five levels of marketing maturity.

The highest of the five levels of marketing maturity:

  1.  Incentive-based marketing
  2.  Customer experience-based marketing
  3.  Value-based marketing
  4.  Customer-centric marketing
  5.  Customer-first marketing


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