6 Stats that Prove the Importance of Product Videos for Ecommerce

Last Updated: 8 months ago by BrodNeil

There are a few different states that all marketers need to know when it comes to product videos. First, videos are the number one ranked content type when it comes to use via marketers to help sell their products and services. Over 50% of marketers invest in product related videos and roughly 75% of visitors who watch a product video will make a purchase. Most consumers also depend videos when it comes to other marketing content as well. So invest in your product videos and you will see the sales pay off.

Key Takeaways:

  • A majority of all consumers use videos to help make purchase decisions.
  • Among Gen Z, 87% prefer branded videos with someone talking about the product.
  • Tutorials, demos, ads and content featuring users and influencers are popular uses for video.

“When consumers feel like they understand the products you sell, they’re more likely to take a chance on spending their money. Video clears up a lot of that confusion.”

Read more: https://blog.hubspot.com/marketing/importance-of-product-videos-for-ecommerce

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