Twitter Will Now Allow ‘Good Bots’ to Identify Themselves

Last Updated on September 20, 2021 by Josh

Twitter is launching a new tool that will allow users to identify themselves as bots by adding a label to their profile. This feature is intended to assist people in distinguishing between automated accounts and human-run accounts. Unfortunately, it isn’t designed to assist users in identifying “bad bots,” which are bots that impersonate individuals to spread misinformation or spam.

Key takeaways:

  • During a Senate Intelligence Committee hearing in 2018, Twitter was asked if he believed users had a “right to know” whether they were speaking to a bot or a human on Twitter’s platform.
  • Last year, the company stated that they would introduce additional features later to allow users to distinguish between human-run accounts and automated accounts.
  • Over 500 Developer Accounts will be eligible to use Twitter’s new “Automated Account” designation, which distinguishes “good bots.”

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