Facebook Account Got Shutdown

FB review 1

My personal Facebook account got shutdown including messenger. Therefore, I could no longer access my FB pages and ad accounts. I submitted a review and here is what I got. Therefore, we are not really sure if we can be back in FB. Meantime, let us continue to grow our sites. We are still hoping … Read more

POS and Inventory System

POS and Inventory System in Cebu Philipppines

The fastest way to have your POS and inventory system installed. In need of financial assistance? Fastway Finance and Credit Corporation offers the following options: A Point of Sale (POS) and Inventory System is a computer-based system that combines two important aspects of running a retail business: sales and inventory management. This type of system … Read more

Auto-rotate Screen: Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Lite

How to make Samsung Galaxy Tab display screen auto-rotate or flip?  Tap on Settings. Scroll down to the bottom to look for Accessibility; tap it. Check the box on Auto-rotate Screen.   Alternative way To enable auto-rotate on your Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Lite, follow these steps: Once you’ve enabled auto-rotate, your screen will rotate automatically … Read more

Sen. Bam Aquino is calling an investigation on reported slow Internet speed in Philippines

The Internet in the Philippines has been improving over the years. Yet, the Philippines, particularly Cebu, is still far from having stable and affordable Internet connections. This particular concern is for residential Internet users and subscribers. According to philippineslifestyle.com, a study showed the Philippines fell behind neighboring middle-income countries in terms of critical indicators concerning … Read more