Paid Search Management

Created to jumpstart your paid search campaigns.


Our recommended paid search strategy shall encompass a multifold approach.

  • Google paid search campaigns are designed:
    • to promote your products and services in Google searches, and search and display networks.
    • to capture traffic from competitors in Google searches and search networks.
    • to promote your brand using your product (service) testimonials. (Client needs to prepare a (product testimonial) video for us to use in this campaign.
  • Facebook paid search campaigns are designed to increase buzz (exposure) about product benefits and community involvement. (Client needs to prepare the materials for this like pictures and videos.)
  • Bing paid search campaigns are designed to promote products/services/brand, and capture competitors’ traffic.


  • Perform market research and keyword analysis.
  • Do an online competition research.
  • Interview the client regarding their market, popular search terms, competition.
  • Set up client’s business information in our system for documentation and reporting.
  • Set up client’s accounts when needed.
  • Linking client’s accounts with our MCC accounts (when possible).
  • Prepare and create landing pages for the paid search campaigns.

On-going monthly work

  • Implement the solutions as stipulated above.
  • Weekly report for the paid search campaigns during the previous week. (Submitted every Wednesday.)
  • Regular communication with client to discuss about campaigns, promotions, events, and directions. (Paid search campaign should work hand-in-hand with any online and offline marketing efforts of the client. So regular communication is important.)


We are separating the pricing for the paid search management and the paid search funds. We are also separating the pricing per channels.

Google (required)

  • Paid search management per campaign: $100/month
  • Paid search fund: let us talk.

Bing (optional)

  • Paid search management for Bing campaigns: $100/month
  • Paid search fund: let us talk.

Facebook (optional)

  • Paid search management for Google campaigns: $70/month
  • Paid search fund: let us talk.

What we expect from the client

  • Client will submit the needed images and videos to be used for the paid search campaign.
  • Client will commit for a meeting (either online or offline) at least once a month.
  • Client will link their paid search accounts to ours (if they already have accounts); we will create accounts for them if they have none, which will be linked to our accounts.
  • Client will give us access to their website so we can create landing pages for them.
  • Client will provide us a 1-800 phone numbers if they have any, and we will be provided access to reports for monitoring purposes if they are currently monitoring calls (optional, but preferred).
  • Client will pay both funds and management fee before the start of any campaign.
  • Client will pay both funds and management fee every due date. Non-payment means no work is to be processed.
  • Payment will be made via our PayPal account.
  • We do not offer refunds.
  • You may cancel anytime. We will complete any service or package that clients have paid for.
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