Weekly Recap: 2020 May 10–16

Weekly Recap_ 2020 May 10–16

Here is something to think of. I think this can apply to content marketing as well: If you believe you are doing something good, keep it going and soon the outcome will do you good. BrodNeil If you’ve begun working on your content marketing campaign, check out our regularly updated page at https://www.brodneil.com/content-marketing/. We updated … Read more

How to Add a Nofollow Attribute on All External Links for Specific Domains or URLs

step-1 BrodNeil.com WP External Links

Yesterday, we found a faster way to add a nofollow attribute to all external links for certain (specific) domains. This is applicable for the following scenarios: When you need to apply nofollow attribute to external links of specific domains or URLs because they are sponsored links. When you need to apply nofollow attribute to external … Read more

Weekly Recap: 2020 April 12-18

Weekly Recap_ 2020 April 12-18 brodneil.com

Here is a bit of good news despite the ongoing pandemic. (At least for Team BrodNeil.com, this is good news for us.) It is a light at the end of the tunnel, a hope despite the current situation. Everyone needs something to look forward to. Everyone needs a glimpse of something good especially when things … Read more