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Content Marketing Services

Consumer values have changed, the aggressive marketing tactics are not so effective anymore.

In today’s digital marketing world, we optimize content, so your ideal customers can find your products and services. As a result, we offer your customers something of value.

We infuse content with reasons for them to come to know, like, and trust your business.

We offer 2 types of content marketing services: abstracts and features.


An abstract is a summary of a longer work. We usually create abstracts from news, trends, or research papers on which topics are relevant to your target audience

An abstract is usually around 150–300 words. 

Publishing frequency: one (1) abstract per day during weekdays, at least.

Content Marketing Services Abstract 20 BrodNeil.com
Content Marketing Services Abstract 5 BrodNeil.com


A feature is also known as a featured article. It is well-researched. It also has one or more intents: 1) to provide depth or interpretation of the information/source, 2) instructs, 3) or entertains the readers.

Publishing frequency: one (1) feature per week, at least.

Content Marketing Services Feature 4 BrodNeil.com
Content Marketing Services Feature 1 BrodNeil.com


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