6 Stats that Prove the Importance of Product Videos for Ecommerce

6 Stats that Prove the Importance of Product Videos for Ecommerce 1

There are a few different states that all marketers need to know when it comes to product videos. First, videos are the number one ranked content type when it comes to use via marketers to help sell their products and services. Over 50% of marketers invest in product related videos and roughly 75% of visitors … Read more

Which Types of Live Video Are People Actually Watching? [New Data]

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When asked, people who follow certain brands or influencers say that they are most interested in content that they can learn something from. The top of the list, is question and answer videos that fans have asked influencers to answer. Either way the viewer is learning something, in this case, they are learning something about … Read more

Why Video Content Marketing is Gaining Popularity

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If you’ve been online a lot lately, you might have noticed a rise in video content marketing. Video content marketing is becoming a much more popular tool lately because it is so effective, so you should really start incorporating video content marketing into your digital strategy. Here are some reasons why video content marketing is … Read more