The SEO Elevator Pitch – Best of Whiteboard Friday

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The SEO consulting team at Moz has found a way for companies to deliver messages that directly illustrate their company’s value. This strategy is known as the SEO elevator pitch. An SEO elevator pitch is a speech that is persuasive and communicates what unique values your company delivers. To start the development process associated with … Read more

Why Taking Time to Do Nothing Can Be Productive [The Weekly Wrap]


During this time in quarantine, it is common to feel as though each second should be spent focused on completing necessary tasks. Experts are challenging this concept by drawing on how idle time often ends up being the most productive. The primary reason why downtime can result in heightened productivity, is because this is when … Read more

The State of Reputation Management 2020


We surveyed a panel of experts about the current state of reputation management. Their consensus opinion was that Google My Business is the most important platform for local brick-and-mortar stores. Multiple experts pointed to fake reviews as a growing concern. Responding to negative reviews is considered a critical priority for businesses, although many don’t have … Read more

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