How Infographics Can Boost Your Content Marketing Strategy


Infographics are visual presentations of any text or information. They are appealing to many readers and it can totally help boost your content marketing strategy. How? Well, infographics can make dull topics interesting; information can be made simpler and easier to understand; numbers and data can be easily visualized; and steps can be clearly illustrated. … Read more

Content Syndication: What It Is and How to Get Started


Have you ever noticed that a content being posted in one source starts appearing in many other sources, too? Well that is called “content syndication“. Content syndication can actually help you with your content marketing when done properly. It can help increase your website traffic since the republished content will link to its original source. … Read more

Which Types of Live Video Are People Actually Watching? [New Data]

SEO for content

When asked, people who follow certain brands or influencers say that they are most interested in content that they can learn something from. The top of the list, is question and answer videos that fans have asked influencers to answer. Either way the viewer is learning something, in this case, they are learning something about … Read more