Business Fundamentals

This section is particularly dedicated to small businesses and startups.  May these small business ideas bring light to your aspirations in pursuing the digital marketing landscape as a means to your goal.
Are these small business ideas for me?

If you are running a small business or startup, this might be for you.
If you believe that digital marketing can help you, this might be for you.
If you are on a tight budget, yet willing to learn so as to do it yourself, this is exactly for you.

One more thing, there is a learning curve to this.  It all depends upon your background and eagerness.  So don’t think this is gonna be magic.  But it’s gonna be worthwhile.

However — because this section is built for small businesses or startups with limited resources: time, manpower, and budget — I would like to make each lesson as short as possible.

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As a small-business owner, here are 3 points which are of at most importance for me.

Planning and Implementation

I am assuming that everyone who wants to start a business has a plan. We all know the importance of planning. However, we also know for a fact that not all plans may succeed.

Because of this, we want to focus on a business plan that has practical considerations and is primarily focused on implementing and managing the direction of the business.  This is also known as strategic planning.

Strategic planning is action-oriented with a clear objective of the desired outcome.  For what is planning then, without any implementation.

You may have heard the phrase: plan your work and work your plan. In brief, this is exactly what we mean by strategic planning.

Here is a link that may be worth your time: Business Fundamentals Mastery

Financial Planning and Budget

Though financial planning and budget would have been part of strategic planning — I’ve had it here as a separate subheading to stress its importance.  This is the lifeblood of the business. And with that, I could not say more of its importance.

When the finances are not in order, the quality of the service would be affected.  When the finances are not in order, creativity and enthusiasm can be hindered. When finances are not in order, pessimism works at its best.

Weekly Regular Meetings

Weekly regular meetings might sound painstaking.  Yet this is what keeps our team on our toes.

Personally, I see weekly regular meetings as opportunities:

  • to set or achieve goals,
  • to evaluate the team’s performance,
  • to assess an individual’s well-being and performance,
  • to provide feedback,
  • to learn innovative ideas and practical solutions, and lastly
  • to foster camaraderie.

Characteristics of a Winning Plan

  • Start small
  • Start simple
  • Move fast
  • Be Frugal
  • Stay nimble

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When the thing you sell has communication built in, when it is remarkable and worth talking about, when it changes the game – marketing seems a lot easier.

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