Google’s December 2020 Core Update Was Big, Even Bigger Than May 2020, Say Data Providers


This new update that was rolled out is said to have been one that is even bigger than the update that took place in May of 2020. The update said it would be done just in time for black Friday and cyber Monday, but for some, this update has been devastating for business. There is … Read more

5 Great Examples of How to Include Calls to Action in Your Facebook Cover Photo

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For marketers, keeping up with all the changes and rules Facebook implements on its platform is often frustrating experience. However, knowing what is allowed and maximizing the opportunity presented by the platform to market your products or services is necessary for successful business. When promoting a product or an event, it is now allowed to … Read more

The One Big Thing Some of the Best Content Marketers Forget

The One Big Thing Some of the Best Content Marketers Forget 1

Content is the focal point of content marketing, but it is not the only thing marketers should concentrate on. The main goal is to reach as many as potential customers possible, regardless of the industry or the size of your business. However, many marketers forget one critical part of their initiative and that is actively … Read more

The Facebook Conversion Formula: A Blueprint for Turning Fans into Customers


Any business aiming for success needs to have a Facebook pages in these days of digital platforms and media. That alone is just the first step when you start building your social media presence and digital content marketing strategy. Once you start growing your fan base, you can promote content in order to trigger inquiries. … Read more

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