Are You Making or Generating Money from All These SEO Campaigns

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“How to Calculate Your SEO Campaign’s Return of Investment (ROI)?” is usually the question for both parties: 1) the business owners and managers and 2) the SEO specialist or agency. Variations thereof can be:

  • Business Owner/Manager: Are we making money from the SEO campaign?
  • Business Owner/Manager: Are we making the right decision to hire or contract an SEO specialist?
  • SEO Specialist or Agency: Are we generating money for the client?
  • Business Owner/Manager: Is the ROI worth the time and money?
  • SEO Specialist or Agency: Are we expanding the people’s brand awareness of our client’s products/services?

We can create a list of questions, which boils down to one thing: ROI (return of investment). This is basically the reason why SEO campaigns are implemented. So it might be good to calculate it.

Do you have an SEO strategy? You better do. Result-oriented SEO boils down to proper planning and strategy.

See the infographic below. Thanks quicksprout.com.

Courtesy of: Quick Sprout
howtocalculatetheroiofyourseocampaign 2

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