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Apple Business Essentials

Apple Has Released a Device Management Solution for Small Businesses

Maintaining and keeping their employees’ Apple devices up to date is a significant burden for many small firms. Because they typically lack skilled IT staff, customers are frequently forced to work things out independently. Utilizing Apple’s consumer support facilities when devices break down or users have issues.

Recognizing this problem, Apple purchased Fleetsmith last year. As a result, the beta of Apple Business Essentials has been revealed. A device management solution aimed directly at organizations with fewer than 500 employees.

Key takeaways:

  • Apple intended to assist these customers with onboarding, supporting, and updating employee Apple devices, as well as offboarding them when employees depart.
  • The Fleetsmith acquisition and the Apple Device Enrollment Program combine to provide the management component. It gives small businesses access to the same capabilities as their larger competitors. This will give them more control over the devices and ensure that they work as soon as an employee checks in.
  • Admins can create users and groups if a company registers up for the service. Users are assigned to groups, and administrators can customize each group’s settings to include the number of supported devices and the amount of storage available.

Read more: https://techcrunch.com/2021/11/10/apple-introduces-device-management-solution-aimed-at-small-business/

Apple Now Allows App Developers to Contact Customers about Other Payment Methods

by Josh

Last Updated on November 3, 2021, by Josh

Apple released a new set of App Store Guidelines, with three significant revisions. One of the adjustments is the outcome of a previously disclosed settlement deal with a group of app developers from the United States.

Apple first said in August that it had struck a provisional deal with a group of American software developers in a class-action lawsuit filed against it in 2019. The agreement included several conditions, the most important of which allowed developers to advise their customers about paying for transactions made outside of their iOS app and the App Store. 

Key takeaways:

  • Apple removed a provision from guideline 3.1.3 that said developers could not utilize information gathered within their app to target individual users outside of the app for payment methods other than Apple’s in-app purchases.
  • Its new guidelines specify that developers can inform their clients about alternative payment options outside of their app.
  • Another new rule specifies that apps may ask for customer information such as name and email. Still, the request must be voluntary and should not hinder the user from using the app.

Read more: https://techcrunch.com/2021/10/22/apple-updates-its-app-store-guidelines-to-permit-developers-to-contact-customers-about-other-payment-methods/

Apple iOS

by Josh

Apple’s Most Recent iPhone Update, Allows You to Copy and Paste Text from Photographs

iOS 15, the most recent version of the iPhone operating system, has numerous new tools that use artificial intelligence to analyze photo content.

Although object recognition has been available for a while, Apple claims its implementation is unique. It takes place on the device rather than on a cloud server. It’s also part of the operating system.

Key takeaways:

  • Copying and pasting text from a photo is one of the most valuable features of this new technology. For example, users can take a picture of a page in a book and then capture that text and paste it into a document or a note.
  • It also makes it easier for users to call or email by detecting phone numbers and email addresses written down, such as on a business card.
  • It also works with handwritten text; Apple used scribbles on a whiteboard as an example while announcing the functionality in June.

Read more: https://www.cnbc.com/2021/09/29/ios-15-live-text-how-to-copy-and-paste-text-from-a-photo.html

Users Can Create Burner Email Addresses Using Apple’s iOS 15 Software Update

For users who pay for iCloud storage, the latest version of the iPhone operating system, iOS 15, has new privacy measures.

One of the most useful new features is the ability to create a temporary email account, which is separate from your identity but still sends messages to your inbox. “Hide My Mail” is the name of the game.

Key takeaways:

  • One of the most useful new features is the ability to create a “burner email address,” which is an email address that isn’t associated with your identity but still sends messages to your inbox.
  • These burner emails are helpful for filling out online forms where you don’t want to give out your primary email address.
  • Hide My Email is part of iCloud+, Apple’s new suite of privacy tools for iCloud users who pay for storage.

Read more: https://www.cnbc.com/2021/09/27/ios-15-hide-my-mail-creates-temporary-email-addresses.html